Monday, February 16, 2009

The Second Best Awards Show of the Year

One of the best things about the Oscars, it that it comes hard on the heels of the Razzies! The Golden Raspberry Awards honor the Worst of filmdom every year the day before the Oscars pick the best. It's always fun to peruse the year's nominees. There's always the easy choices (nominating Paris Hilton for worst actress for "The Hottie and the Nottie?" Doesn't she have to be considered an "actress" for that to work? Did that "film" even play in any theaters?) but the real fun is seeing what current or former scared cows have been taken down a few pegs. Perhaps the most notable example was when Halle Berry was nominated for Worst Actress for "Catwoman." She "won" that year and actually showed up to accept her prize - a move which has endeared me to her for life.

This year's nominees feature a pretty good walk down bad memory lane... remember "The Love Guru?" Remember how atrocious Pierce Brosnan's singing was in "Mamma Mia?" Still trying to reattach your retinas after seeing the "Speed Racer" commercials? Or trying to reattach your jaw after seeing Shia LaBouf swinging on vines through the jungle in "Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull?" Aaaah, the precious memories just come flooding back.

Bad movies definitely have their merits. Many know that Gianna and we have our own bad movie circle where we get together and watch what we've dubbed, "Margarita movies." You see, with enough alcohol, "Battlefield Earth" might be the best 2 hours you've spent with a film! And the most satisfying of all Margarita movies come when it is an Oscar winner (and there's more than you might think.) This Razzie night, we will be observing "Oscar Eve" with a viewing of Al Pacino's Best Actor-winning turn in "Scent of a Woman." We hope we're not too hungover to prepare for the party the following day.

"Hoo Bingo," indeed.

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