Friday, February 6, 2009

Note to "Saving Private Ryan" Fans:

I’ve had it with all the whining about “Shakespeare in Love” beating out “Saving Private Ryan.” It’s been 10 years people. Get over it. It really was the better film. “Saving Private Ryan” was excellent, but it did have some flaws… it had those hokey bookend scenes… it tended to get a little heavy-handed and overly sentimental… hell, Vin Diesel was in it. “Shakespeare in Love” was incredibly well-written, woven thick with witty, intelligent jokes and rich plotting. Everything was top notch from art direction to costumes to cinematography. It truly deserved a Best Picture statuette.

But why can’t people let this go? Why doesn’t everyone harp on the fact that "Dances with Wolves" beat "Goodfellas," for Christ’s sake? “Dances with Wolves” is one of Oscar’s bigger embarrassments but you never hear people haranguing you with its inadequacies. And don’t get me started on the 'merits' of “Crash” or “Million Dollar Baby.”

So, Oscar fans, Entertainment Weekly readers, voters… do this Oscarnazi a favor: Suck it.

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  1. Shakespeare In Love is one of my all-time is Saving Private Ryan

    But for as much as I love war movies, I felt Thin Red Line was a better WWII movie than Ryan

    And Shakespeare beat them both.

    I loved Dances With Wolves, but hate the Stands With A Fist story line (a silly contrivance in order for Dunbar to bridge the communications gap with the Red Folks)

    Great buffalo scenes though. And Kevin does a great ass shot, I must say, and I'm not even into guys butts, George Michael's Faith video notwithstanding.

    I'm just surprised Mission to Mars was not nominated for anything