Sunday, February 22, 2009

The Big Night

Well, we're all a little fuzzy headed after last night's "Hoo aaah" fest. Seriously, if you cut the "Hoo aaahs" out of "Scent of a Woman," the movie's like 3 minutes long. Still, the big day has finally arrived. The fridge is over stuffed, there are coolers and crock pots full of food chilling on the porches. Dishes aplenty are stacked here and there. Sean's awesome signs have been printed out. (It's worth attending the party just to see these things.) We're very excited. Even a pending snowstorm hasn't dampened our attendees' spirits. Every single out-of-towner is still coming and we are duly impressed. If you're not lucky enough to be among the party-goers, don't forget to print out your picks and play along at home. Results, as well as the snacks, recipes, and various highlights will be posted here tomorrow morning.

Have a great Oscar night, and don't forget to "Hoo aaah" at least once today!
-Oscarnazi J

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