Friday, May 22, 2009

Netflix Fridays: What Are We Watching Now?

You'd think with network TV into reruns, we'd have nothing to do but watch all our Netflixes in a row, but that has not been the case this week. As you've no doubt noticed, we actually were released from our house arrest this week and got out to see a movie in the theater! After that, we've been shirking our Netflix duties by cruising through Season 3 of Bones which was lent to us by our good friend Stephanie. Season 3 has my all-time favorite episode, "The Mummy in the Maze" which contains all the elements of any good Bones episode - with some awesome Halloween costumes to boot! So, long story short, we haven't touched Battlestar Gallactica this week. But we do have coming up this weekend:

Quantum of Solace - We've heard this was nowhere near as good as the awesome Casino Royale - and we've had to wait about 3 months for it to become available on Netflix, so I am guessing we're probably going to end up being disappointed a little by it. Still, Daniel Craig and Judi Dench are always worth watching!

Wendy & Lucy - A sad movie about a down on her luck woman with nothing but her dog. I've heard that Michelle Williams gives a heart-breaking performance in this far-from-a-feel-good film. All I have to say is nothing had better happen to that damn dog! I do not do well with sad dog movies - sad human movies, yes. Sad dog movies, no.

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