Friday, May 1, 2009

Netflix Fridays: What are we watching now

Another busy week, but we managed to finish out John Adams (that good-for-nothing John Quincy...) and The Wrestler (Not bad, but one of those "saw the whole movie in the trailer" kind of experiences for me) and are on to fresher fare. Here's what we have lined up:

Frost/Nixon - It's funny how I'm seeing the Best Picture nominees in about the same order I had interest in them (leaving Benjamin Button for last). Still, I have hope that my lackluster feeling about his year's Oscar crop can still be turned around by a terrific film. If Opie can't pull it off, who can?

Battelstar Gallactica: Season 4, Disc 1 - So we're beginning the penultimate season and hopeful won't have too long a wait until Season 5 is released so that we can cruise to our (hopefully) satisfying ending. They continue to delve into a lot of religious psycho-babble in here and I wish they would just embrace the sci-fi (and political parallels to our current world-state) a bit more. We'll see what this season brings.

Roman Polanski: Wanted and Desired - A documentary examining the controversial director. It touches on his career as well as his tumultuous personal life including the rape charges which made him flee America and the murder of Sharon Tate.

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  1. Polanski looks like a good one to watch. We too have joined Netflix, so pat yourselves on the collective back. We are watching: The Impostors and Vicky Christina Barcelona