Friday, May 8, 2009

Netflix Fridays: What are we watching now?

Good week for movies - Roman Polanski and Frost/Nixon were excellent. Battlestar was a bit uneven - but only because it began its fourth season by focusing on a completely new story with completely new characters. Took a while to warm up. So here's what we've got on deck:

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button - Our last of the Oscar nominees from this past year and by far the worst. We just watched this last night and - oh my God - does someone owe the guy who wrote Forrest Gump some serious money! There are so many parallels it is truly dizzying. Except - of course - for the whole "being interesting" part. Let me tell you something, Benjamin Button, I have seen Forrest Gump. I own Forrest Gump. You Sir, are no Forrest Gump.

Last Chance Harvey - I really am so excited to see this movie. It looks like one of those little gems which - while probably a little slight - just makes you smile. And how can you go wrong with Dustin Hoffman and Emma Thompson? I ask you!

Ace in the Hole - Perhaps one of the best filmmakers of all time, Billy Wilder, brings us our last viewing option. This was recommended to us by Netflix, based on our ratings. I had never even heard of it before and am quite intrigued. As Netflix describes it: "After being fired from several major newspapers, reporter Charles Tatum (Kirk Douglas) tries to reestablish himself in New Mexico. When a local store owner is trapped in a cave-in, Tatum turns the victim's misfortune into a media frenzy to further his own career. A local sheriff agrees to help prolong the rescue efforts, thereby helping build up the story. This classic film has been touted as director Billy Wilder's sharpest, most uncompromising piece of work." Sounds good, yes? And also sounds like one of those movies which was way ahead of its time.

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  1. I think you will love Last Chance Harvey. Dustin Hoffman was wonderful. Ace in the Hole is a great lost Wilder film. I think there was a legal issue that had kept it out of circulation, but it's a great film. Glad to see you shared my sentiment on Benjamin Button. I found Cate Blanchett's character supremely obnoxious.