Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Mini Review: Star Trek

Hooray for Grandparents! We have a few days off from parenting and saw our first in-theater movie in a long time! I should start by saying I am not a Start Trek fan. And when I say that, don't think I mean "I'm not a Trekkie" (or is it Treker?) No, I mean I really don't enjoy Star Trek. I watched "The Next Generation" a tiny bit in high school, but that's about it. I was always firmly in the "Star Wars" camp. So imagine my surprise when the second wave of "Star Wars" movies sucked ass while the reboot of "Star Trek" kicked major ass! This movie is everything it should be (and, for me, everything "Star Trek" usually isn't.) It was fast, exciting, funny, and interesting. God bless J.J. Abrams (and producer Damon Lindelof) for knowing exactly what this franchise needed. He assembled a pitch perfect cast (especially the sublime Simon Pegg!), threw in a few winks for the true fans, and crafted a thoroughly enjoyable thrill ride for the masses. No geek-cred required. Simply put, it's the perfect Summer movie.

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  1. Yeah, now I'm geared up to see it! Were you able to pick out Trace in the background anywhere?