Friday, March 13, 2009

Netflix Fridays: What Are We Watching Now?

Hi all three of our regular readers (at least as far as we know from our "followers".) Well, the Oscars are over and we have a couple months until the Summer movie season gets going. In between there's... "Escape from Witch Mountain?" Needless to say, we're hungry for things to blog about here. Anyhow, I thought it might be fun to talk a little bit about what we're currently netflix-ing once a week to give you (three) our thoughts on what we're watching or suggestions on what to skip. Have an idea for something we should add to our queue? Let us know in the comments section. So, here we go:

What we have at home currently:

An Evening with Kevin Smith - A collection of video segments from a cross-country lecture tour Smith did of college campuses a few years back. Smith is an entertaining - and thorough - storyteller. An answer to a single question usually takes about 5 minutes for him to answer. He's surprisingly candid about his job, the upper-ups in Hollywood, and his talent level. He's also surprisingly well-spoken blending his notorious foul mouthed tirades with handfuls of "SAT words" and articulate analysis of film making. It's actually even more entertaining than his films are.

24: Season 5, disc 5 - 24 is always an enjoyable adrenaline rush. Watching it on DVD is the only way to go in my humble opinion. I can't imagine the intensity of a season being dragged out over 4 or 5 months. When you watch it in batches, it's almost like peanuts: you just don't want to stop. We had heard that this was the best season from most people (except for John & Stacey) and would have to place it right up there. I see the criticism of it being a little too "over the top" for the first half of the season, but once the real "big bad" was revealed, it down-shifted into damage control and a direct line of taking him down. Plus, there's no cougar traps or Jack pulling a convenience store robbery to bide time. Yet.

Dr. Katz: The Complete Series: Disc 5 - If you never saw this awesome show when it originally ran on Comedy Central in the mid-nineties, or haven't seen it since, you should really check it out on DVD. A lot of the featured comedians went on to larger fame, a lot didn't. Still, by and large, the comedy holds up as does the always entertaining cast of Jonathan Katz, H. Jon Benjamin as his son Ben, and Laura Silverman as the prickly receptionist.

That's if for this week. Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. I loved an evening with Kevin Smith. He also had a part 2 where he is in England (or really deep Canada) I found them to be much funnier than his movies.

  2. Okay, for crying out loud, we'll try Netflix already!

    Actually, I've always wanted to