Monday, March 23, 2009

Netflix ... Friday? - What are we watching now

OK - So Friday came and went. Sleepy. Busy. You had better things to do with your weekend than rent movies anyway, right? Right. There wasn't too much action this week anyway, as Darby O'Gill and the Little People took over St. Patrick's day, we squeezed in a viewing of a new margarita classic, "Poseidon," and there was plenty of good TV to be had as well including Lost, 30 Rock, The Office and Bones. So anyway, here's a look at what we are watching:

The Women (1939) - George Cukoor directs an all-female cast in this catty tale about battling and bonding that was edgy for its time -- and is one of the many wonderful films to come out of the year 1939. We were interested in checking this out after the long-in-production remake came out this year and was critically drubbed.... and hey, isn't the original always better? (Unless - of course - it's "The Poseidon Adventure" and then it's equally margarita-tastic.)

Battlestar Galactica: Season 3 Disc 5 - I thought we were at least in season 4 by now! Man, we're dragging this season out. The thing about this show: it's very well-done and thought-provoking but it's so damn serious. It really does need more yucks. I'm not talking about becoming as campy and silly as the original series, but get someone like Joss Whedon behind it and you can certainly balance serious-minded material with wit and humor. (Although, truth be told, I'm a little down on Joss at the moment. Dollhouse is not exactly lighting my world on fire, but I digress).

Saturday night Live: The First 5 Years - OK, I though this was going to be a "best of" show. I wanted to re-live the glory of "Land shark," "Babs' Uvula," "Samurai Optician," and others, but it turned out to be a fairly disjointed and somewhat tiring documentary on the first 5 years of the show. Wow! They all did drugs and had a lot of sex? No way! Fame went to their heads and they became assholes? I'm shocked! They really pushed the envelope and got things on TV that were shocking for the time? Zzzzzzzzzz.... I will definitely have to check the write ups before impulsively adding things to the queue.

That's all for now... see you Friday... maybe? Oh, and if you have 98 minutes - and a LOT of tequilla - to kill, check out Poseidon. You won't be disappointed.

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  1. Man I hated the Women remake. What a waste of space that was. I wanted to slap Meg Ryan almost the whole way through it.