Friday, August 14, 2009

Netflix Fridays: What are We Watching Now?

So, Nixon sucked. Out loud. And for all 3 1/2 hours. Sucked. How it ever got any Oscar recognition is beyond me. Anyhow, here's what's up:

The Happening - One of last year's worst movies comes to our doorstep. Margaritas will be involved. Having thoroughly enjoyed many of his earlier movies, I had hoped the M. Night could get his Mojo back after the disastrous Lady in the Water, but as it seems that is not the case - I can giddily enjoy his downfall from afar.

Dexter: Season 3, Disc 1 - Tom got us hooked on this show which sports the amazing Michael C. Hall. He just blows me away in this show. The rest of the cast is stellar as well. Seasons One & Two were wonderful, funny, and tension-filled and I'm hoping they can keep up the quality for a third straight season.

Battlestar Galactica: Season 4.5, Disc 2 - OK, I want major recognition that we had the first disc in our house for all of 24 hours before it was watched and nestled safely back in its envelope. That has to be a personal record for us. Then this morning I hear a bout a Gallactica movie in the works, plus a new Spin off, Caprica, starring Eric Stolz. Sorry,m BSG, we'll make it through the series, but that's were I get off. You're good, but I'm just not invested in your characters enough to keep on watching.

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