Friday, August 14, 2009

Jami's 100 Film you should see... or not.. I don't know, do as you please!

So, inspired by Gianna's List of 100 Movies Every Film Buff Should See, I've compiled my own list of 100 movies you may not have seen for one reason or other. I tried to stay away from AFI's top 100 films, as well as Gianna's list of recommendations. Not all are "unknown" or even "unappreciated" films, but all are worth a glance if you've missed them.

2001 - Trippy, weird, and supremely cool! Don't expect it to make sense.

28 Days Later - One of the best horror movies I've seen in a long time.

84 Charing Cross Road - A sweet, simple, completely forgotten film.

A Hard Day’s Night - A hugely influential film - and really funny (but use the subtitles!)

About a Boy - Hugh Grant gives a stellar performance here

After Hours - The best film to watch after a bad day.

All of Me - Silly, funny film from the 80s.

All Quiet on the Western Front - Early Best Picture winner, but I bet you haven't seen it!

Almost Famous - Great script, great music, great performances.

Amelie - French film about the single most adorable human ever.

Arsenic & Old Lace - Cary Grant gives his best comedic performance. Ever.

Babette’s Feast - For anyone who loves food.

Barton Fink - Complex and confusing, but gorgeous and thought provoking.

Blood Simple - Another great Coen brothers movie. Their first - and possibly best.

Born on the 4th of July - It's a shame how underrated an actor Tom Cruise is.

Brazil - Watch the director's cut. You'll still be confused, but also amazed.

Central Station - Overshadowed by "Life is Beautiful," but so very touching.

Charade - Audrey Hepburn. Cary Grant. Need I say more?

Clash of the Titans - Bad, but awesomely so.

Crimes & Misdemeanors - Woody Allen's best. The ending is perfect.

Deathtrap - Twisty & turny. It'll keep you guessing.

Diabolique - So often ripped off, this was completely shocking in its day.

Die Hard - Best. Action. Movie. Ever.

Dog Day Afternoon - Pacino when he could still act.

Dogma - Kevin Smith's best, even with Linda Fiorentino and the Crap Monster.

Elmer Gantry - Burt Lancaster's hair could've won the Oscar alone.

Ferris Bueller’s Day Off - A perfectly light, fluffy confection of a movie.

Finding Nemo - Not just for kids. This is powerfully moving as well as funny.

Gentlemen Prefer Blondes - Marilyn Monroe saves the day with reasoning. How's that?

Get Shorty - A great film for anyone who loves movies.

Groundhog Day - So underrated in its time, thankfully is better appreciated now.

Hairspray (1988 & 2007) - Both wonderful in their own right. It's Madison time!

Harvey - Classic Jimmy Stewart.

Heathers - Dated, but still awesome.

High & Low - A Kirosawa film? Yep.

Hot Fuzz - Another classic send up from Simon Pegg.

How to Succeed in Business… - VERY dated, but so freakin' cute!

In America - Such a beautiful film. Bring your hankie!

In Cold Blood - Bleak, stark, and cold.

Inside Man - Really great caper movie.

Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang - Great tongue in cheek action flick.

Limbo - The Great John Sayles sticks to his guns and gives a move which lives up to its name.

Little Shop of Horrors - An early indication that musicals were not finished - despite "Annie"'s best efforts.

Lost in Translation - Not for everyone, but a beautiful piece about two people forming a connection.

Malcolm X - Spike Lee's best.

Michael Clayton - Slow and somber, George Clooney is amazing in this.

Midnight Run - Often overlooked, this film is too funny and quite sweet.

Mr. Deeds Goes to Town - Adorable. Just adorable.

Notorious - My favorite Hitchcock.

O Brother, Where Art Thou? - Endlessly quotable.

Ocean’s 11 - Groovy!

Open Water - a great low budget "horror" film. uncompromising.

Paper Moon - Beautiful black & white film with tremendous performances.

Parenthood - Another forgotten gem.

Passion of Joan of Arc - Amazing what was accomplished in its day.

Persepolis - Gorgeous animation and an important story for all to see.

Pinnochio - Not one of Disney's "princess" movies, so it's often forgotten how amazing this is.

Primary Colors - A great commentary on politics.

Reversal of Fortune - Great scripting and direction with a great "who dunnit" story.

Run Lola Run - Frenetic and fun.

Running on Empty - A small film about 60's radicals raising a family on the lam.

Say Anything - Cameron Crowe's best.

Seabiscuit - Dismissed as not as good as the book, this is quite wonderful.

Sense & Sensibility - There are no words. If you haven't seen it, do it now!

Shall We Dance? (1996/ Japanese) - Adorable & touching.

Shallow Grave - Another great twisty, turny one that keeps you guessing.

Shaun of the Dead - Great Zombie send up.

Sleeping Beauty - Disney goes all hip and cinematic.

Snatch - Hip and fun comic caper movie.

Stagecoach - Yes, it's John Wayne, but it's also good.... I was surprised, too!

Swing Time - My favorite Astaire & Rogers picture.

Talented Mr. Ripley - So underrated in its time. A beautifully shot and crafted film with one of Matt Damon's best performances.

The African Queen - Charming, funny & filled with adventure.

The Apartment - Sad & sweet, romantic & funny. This film has it all!

The Bicycle Thief - A classic.

The Bishop’s Wife - Simply oozing charm. Stay far away from the remake.

The Bourne Trilogy - Action flicks don't get any smarter or better shot.

The Butcher Boy - Little-seen Neil Jordan film. Not for everyone, though.

The Great Dictator - A Charlie Chaplin talkie about World War II.

The Great Escape - The perfect Sunday Afternoon movie.

The Lady Eve - One of my very favorites. Henry Fonda & Barbara Stanwyck heat things up.

The Lives of Others - A quiet little film that sticks with you.

The Manchurian Candidate - The original please. Really ground-breaking - even watching it now.

The Professional - As amazing as everyone says.

The Pursuit of Happyness - Surprisingly mature film. It makes me cry buckets.

The Red Violin - Completely unique film whose main character is a musical instrument.

The Return of the Seacaucus 7 - John Sayles first film and just a good time.

The "Road" Pictures - Hope & Crosby were great together. See at least one.

This is Spinal Tap - What's wrong with being sexy?

Times of Harvey Milk - Great, affecting documentary about the slain activist.

Tootsie - Possibly the funniest film ever.

Truly, Madly, Deeply - Great romantic comedy with Alan Rickman.

United 93 - Not one everyone is rushing to see, but extremely well crafted.

Visions of Light - Everyone who loves movies should appreciate this documentary on cinematographers.

Wag the Dog - Robert DeNiro's best performance? I think so.

Waking Ned Devine - Movies don't get much more adorable.

Wallace & Grommit: The Curse of the Wererabbit - a towering achievement in stop-motion animation.

Whale Rider- A tremendous performance by Keisha Castle Hughes makes this a must watch.

White Heat - Made it Ma, top of the world!

Zelig - Black & White Woody Allen. A great pre-cursor to Forrest Gump.

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  1. Great to see films like 84 Charing Cross Road, Deathtrap, Red Violin, Parenthood, Midnight Run and Truly Madly Deeply on the list. This is what I love about 'marginal' must see lists. These films get so neglected. Charing Cross and Truly Madly are charming and sublime. Midnight Run is a very unjustly overlooked action/comedy. Deathrap and Red Violin are wonderful in their storytelling. And Parenthood is,in my opinion, one of the best films about the American family dynamic.