Friday, August 7, 2009

Netflix Fridays: What are We Watching Now?

OK - A week later we are 2/3 of the way through the atrocious Nixon. God, this thing sucks. It's like Oliver thought to himself, "Gee, everyone seemed to like the cinematography and editing techniques in JFK, why don't we quintuple it... then they'll REALLY love it!" Seriously, Baz Lurhman watches this film and thinks, "Too much, Stone, too much!" Still, we are determined to make it through to the end. But seriously... 3 1/2 hours? Gah! Curse you Oliver Stone!!

Here's what we'll actually be enjoying this week:

Flight of the Conchords: Season 2, Disc 1 - You've just got love this show.New Zealand. Better than Old Zealand.

Battlestart Gallactica: Season 4.5, Disc 1 - Aaaaaah, the beginning of the end. Any bets on how long it will take us to make it through this "half" season?

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