Sunday, January 31, 2010

Nominations are almost here!

OK, so Oscars nominations will be announced in TWO Days: Tuesday, February 2 at approximately 8:45 am EST. Shortly thereafter, I will update the website with the full list of nominees at:

Yes, this is the same site we've used in years past. If you are havinng trouble logging picks this year, call or email me and I can send you a simplified form over email.

Remember, picks must be recieved by me by 11:59 pm on the evening of February 3. You must pick one winner for EVERY category. At the end you will be allowed to pick a second winner for one category. A $5 entry fee will be required per entrant, even if they are toddlers (John).

Also remember, if you don't play, you suck.

Questions? Let me know before Tuesday. Know someone who might like to play? Feel free to spread the word!

Looking forward to receiveing your picks,

Oscarnazi J

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