Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Netflix Fridays: What are we Watching Now?

Jackman! JACKMAN!!!!! So I rented the wrong "Oklahoma." Sorry, Hugh, but I don't really want to see your version. I've heard it's good and all, but when I want to see "Oklahoma" for the first time I want to see... Gordon McRea? Is that right? Anyhow, I feel my first viewing should be the original movie. So back Mr. Jackman went - sight unseen. I only wish we hadn't let it sit on our TV for 4 days before I noticed the mix up. Grrrr..... JACKMAN!!!!

So here are the next discs due in (which I will be carefully checking over as soon as we receive them!):

The Who: The Kids are Alright - a 1979 documentary about the Who, including concert footage, interviews and footage from the last concert Keith Moon played before his death. I do enjoy the Who, but lets face it, this is a little gift for Sean sitting through so many musicals (And none of them were "Tommy") lately.

The Importance of Being Ernest - a 1952 adaptation of Oscar Wilde's famous play... which I have never seen in any form! Definitely a hole in my education which will soon be remedied! This one stars Michael Redgrave and Dame Edith Evans and was highly recommended to me by my brother - the biggest movie-snob I know.

and, of course,

Oklahoma - The real one. The Original. Surely an inferior version to the one I just sent back. Refer to last week's post for comments.

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