Friday, June 12, 2009

Netflix Fridays: What Are We Watching Now?

So yes, we FINALLY finished Battlestar Galactica. We watched both discs in 2 consecutive nights and enjoyed them immensely. Now we only have to wait for Season 5 to be released and we will be off the hook. You know, I read an article once about "Netflix Guilt" where you rent things you know you should watch (The previous year's Oscar winning Foreign film is a repeat offender for a lot of people) and then keep it for months, shuffling other Netflixes ahead of it in your viewing rotation. I think BSG definitely qualifies as this for us! Hopefully these next ones won't hang around quite so long:

Oklahoma - So it's pretty well known that I enjoy musicals... if I "deem" it a real musical or not. But strange as it may sound, I've never seen "Oklahoma." Now I've never been a huge fan of Rogers & Hammerstein musicals - and this one IS THREE HOURS making it a mandatory 2-night viewing in our house- ugh - but I figured it was about time I finally checked it out. Poor Sean.

Alfred Hitchcock Presents: Season 1, Disc 4 - How I love this show! This and the Twilight Zone are just the best things to watch - anytime, anywhere, for hours & hours on end. And - like the Twilight Zone - it's filled with actors who make you rush to IMDB to discover where you know them from!

Au Revoir Les Enfants - I first saw this story of a Jewish and a Catholic boy who attend a boarding school during World War II when I was in high school... except I never saw the last half hour! I had set my VCR to tape it overnight and the tape ran out before the movie did. And I never saw it again! And for some reason I never got back around to renting it before now... oops!


  1. Au Revoir Les Enfants is excellent.

    LOVED it.

    And you have never seen OOOOOOOklahoma?

    For shame.

    Didn't Gi go to college in OK? Doesn't that obligate you?

  2. The Hugh Jackman Okalahoma is pretty excellent. Ryan enjoyed the overture!

    I've seen Au Revoir, but only remember the ending. I guess we make a complete viewing.

    I agree on Twilight Zone and Alfred. They still hold up today-almost like mini films. Release more seasons of Hitchcock, PLEASE!