Thursday, April 23, 2009

Netflix Fridays: What Are We Watching Now?

How has another week gone by already? And why - at the same time - does it seem as if it was 12 weeks long? I guess I'll chalk it up to the joys of parenting and home ownership... oh, and being a working stooge! Never a dull moment. Gotta figure out how to become independently wealthy and retire to that island... Well, until that happens, here's what we're looking at watching this weekend:

The Wrestler - OK, I wasn't thrilled with The Reader and while Doubt was better that I had expected, it won't be making its way into my permanent collection any time soon. Here's the next big prestige picture of 2008 to make it's way to our home. We'll see how it fares. Part of me wants to be unimpressed because I just want Mickey Rourke, his tiny dogs, and his badly-in-need-of-being-washed hair to go away. But I think a bigger part of me just wants to be blown away by something truly good. We'll see..

John Adams: Disc 3 - Well, not to give anything away here, but he becomes President! Didn't see THAT coming! We'll have to see how things work out for him and his sullen sons... that John Quincy, nothing good is going to come of him, I guarantee it!

The Ultimate Carson Collection: Volume One - Sean was always a big Johnny Carson fan. I was more of a Letterman chick. To me, Carson was just some old guy telling lame jokes about Madonna and a bunch of young people he probably didn't even know anything about. Well, I was 12, and he was getting toward the end of his career. So we are exploring some of Johnny's "greatest hits" and I'm sure this will bring me around to appreciating the man for how funny he truly was.

But I still reserve the right to like Letterman better.

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  1. I love Carson!

    Not sure if I'm into The Wrestler, and I would rather see Doubt on stage