Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The Sag Awards

The Sag Awards have come and gone and not too many surprises to talk about. The Supporting Award for Heath Ledger is all but a lock now. It's not that I feel he doesn't deserve it, necessarily, but I do wonder if he'd have as much steam as he does is he weren't dead. I admire the man's skill, and I think it's a shame he died before he could really shape his career into a legendary body of work. However, the way the critics go on and on about him, you'd think he was Paul Newman! I mean, this guy was in "A Knight's Tale," yes? If I were voting, I would have to go with Robert Downey Jr. this year. He took a real risk in "Tropic Thunder" and pulled off a simply amazing performance.

The only real surprise from the Sag Awards (other than how utterly emaciated Olivia Wilde looks... are those her ribs sticking out of that dress? Someone get her a sandwich, stat!) was the win for Meryl Streep. She has been the only actress of the 5 nominees who has been nominated for every major award this year. Could she sneak away with the Oscar? It's a difficult call - especially as Kate Winslet won the Sag award for best supporting actress, but is nominated alongside Streep for Best Actress in the Oscars. As with most of the categories this year, it's a horse race.

Except, of course, for best supporting actor.


  1. I LOVE A Knight's Tale!!

    But, Robert should get the nod, I agree.

    He's a great white black man

  2. Yay! Our first comment! Truth be told, I haven't seen "A Knight's Tale" but it sounded funnier than "Ned Kelly."